Murder in the Heart

Bible Text: Matthew 5:21-26 | Preacher: Mike Pasarilla | Series: Sermon on the Mount

Like the Pharisees and other religious leaders of Christ’s day, we relax God’s commandments. How often have you murdered someone? “Never!” But Christ gets to the heart of the matter. Being angry, speaking scornfully to and of others, treating some like trash and as if they are good for nothing, and perhaps even wishing a few folks who bug you were swept off the face of the earth … any of that sound like you? Then you have murdered others in your heart. Yes, there is such a thing as justifiable anger, but more often than not we simply want vengeance. But Christ calls us to give up all rage and contempt towards others. We must act as the sons and daughters of God, being peaceful and making peace with both brothers and enemies, with those whom we offend and those who wrongly take offense, as much as it depends on us.

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