July 12, 2015

Farsighted Justice

Passage: Psalm 73:1-28

Why do wicked men seem to live easy lives, and even appear to get away with murder at times? Where is God in this world? Isn't he a just God? Will he let the wicked win? And be honest:  have you envied the wicked, or wondered why you bother to live according to God's Word? What does it get you? Why bother? And when the highest court in the land rules unjustly and wickedly promotes evil, we, like Asaph, are ready to throw in the towel and give up on God.

If we look at the world apart from God's revelation in Scripture, we cannot see beyond the end of our noses. We need the corrective lenses of God's Word to reveal the full scope of reality and God's purposes. And Scripture tells us, "The way of the wicked will perish." We want to see justice -- and we will -- but we need the long-term perspective of God's timing. There is a day coming when all wrongs will be righted, when the justice of God will be carried out to the last drop against every expression of evil and wickedness. The fact that God punished his Son for your sins (if you have fled to Jesus as your only hope) is proof that God will not permit the wicked go unpunished.