A good reminder and encouragement from Pastor Laurence Windham. He ministers at Saint Peter Presbyterian Church (CREC) in Bristol, VA.

“Isn’t it often that ‘trouble’ is the very situation where the Lord teaches us some of our greatest lessons? And isn’t it ‘trouble’ that we are relying on insurance to help us through? Being insured softens the blow. We must check our attitude. If we are not sufficiently covered are we anxious, afraid, or are we poised to not miss what the Creator of the entire universe is trying to tell us? Our heavenly Father might just want to remind us that, no matter what, we are secure in His hands—as is the whole world. He’s got this covered. …


My advice? Get good, affordable insurance — And tithe. When you give to the Lord through your local church you are declaring to your family and to everyone else where your true security lies.”